Role of nutrients by growth stage in coffee

Vegetative Growth to Pre-Flowering

  • Nitrogen and Potassium – reactive and promote early growth of new plant tissues.
  • Calcium – boost root and leaf growth to provide a platform for high yields. 
  • Magnesium – Fuel energy transfer within the developing tissues. 
  • Sulfur – maximize growth through protein formation.

Post Flowering to Berry Formation

  • Nitrogen and Potassium – maintain plant growth and maximize berry strength 
  • Calcium – maximize strong growth of healthy tissues 
  • Magnesium – boost chlorophyll activity and N-uptake 
  • Micronutrients – maintain growth and maximize berry set

Berry Expansion

  • Nitrogen and Potassium – to maintain tree growth and bean fill during this critical phase 
  • Calcium – to maximize supplies in the berry – and hence improve berry integrity - as it expands 
  • Micronutrients – where needed to maintain growth

Berry Maturity

  • Nitrogen – in reduced amounts to maintain growth and berry fill 
  • Potassium – for good sugar to starch conversion and to maximize berry weight 
  • Calcium – for strong berry integrity