NOx Reduction for Vehicles

Yara is one of the leading suppliers of complete NOx emission control systems based on SNCR and SCR systems and reagents - urea and ammonia. We have supplied and installed hundreds of sites around the world over several decades. We offer our customers unique knowledge and expertise in the industrial, transportation and maritime sectors for reducing their NOx emissions.

We are also the world's largest producer of AdBlue, a very pure urea solution that is used by SCR vehicles: trucks, tractors, buses, cars etc to reduce NOx. We offer a wide range of packaging, suitable for all needs.

NOx reduction

AdBlue for diesel vehicles with SCR technology

Yara has several factories around the world that produce AdBlue. Our AdBlue production capacity ensures our customers have a reliable supply. Yara’s Air1 brand of AdBlue is distributed through a network of authorized distributors throughout the world or you will also find Air1 AdBlue from Yara at your retail station if you have a commercial vehicle. Whatever your vehicle, we have the solution you need in terms of packaging, equipment or training regarding AdBlue.

We can answer all your AdBlue related questions.