Responding to Global Challenges

Yara operates in an increasingly interconnected world. Private businesses relate to the same global challenges as society at large – not least connected to population growth, food insecurity, resource scarcity and climate change. These challenges can only be met by global responses, including business engagement.

Strategic approach: Creating impact

Strategic approach

Yara actively responds to global challenges – and is positioned to make a difference. We succeed by pursuing a strategy that creates value for both owners and society at large.

Food security


Yara is engaged in the global pursuit of food security. We leverage our global position and agronomic knowledge to influence policy frameworks, initiate value chain partnerships and improve agricultural productivity.

Resource use efficiency


Yara engages to improve resource use efficiency, employing its knowledge base and strength in innovation to develop solutions. We support increased food production while safeguarding the environment.

Offsetting negative environmental effects


Yara’s knowledge and solutions can contribute to offsetting negative environmental effects of agriculture and other human activities, in particular harmful emissions to air and water.