Commitment and Policy

Yara is committed to transparency and accountability, with adherence to international agreements and national legislation where it operates.

Furthermore, company conduct is steered by industry standards and internal guidelines – including vision and values, goals and strategies and corporate ethics.

The strategic aspiration to be a global leader in sustainable agriculture and environmental solutions, and our ambition to create value, commit us to innovation and engagement. Our strategy of sustainable and profitable growth is a commitment to sustainability principles and green growth, encompassing economic, environmental and societal concerns.

The strategy also translates into strategic goals, which include being among the most energy efficient companies in the industry, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent from 2004 to 2013, and responding to major global challenges. Most importantly, Yara is dedicated to being a leading performer in the area of worker safety – with a targeted accident rate as close to zero as possible.

Our commitments are anchored in our strategy, and detailed in the Ethics and Compliance Program and Code of Conduct. A key commitment pertaining to production is our adherence to the industry standard of Product Stewardship as laid down by Fertilizers Europe. Also, Yara has a clear HESQ policy guiding our everyday activities and business development.

We are committed to international standards by supporting the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies, the UN Declaration on Human Rights and the OECD Conventions on Combating Bribery. We endorse the Business Call to Action in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and we subscribe to the principles of the FTSE4Good index. Yara reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Yara aims to be a global leader in sustainable agriculture and advocates the need to connect major global issues to the major challenge – and solution – of improving agricultural productivity: both to achieve food security and reduce global warming.

Our Product Stewardship approach

Our Product Stewardship Approach

Yara follows strict principles of product stewardship in all its activities, ensuring that proper care is taken along the entire value chain, from product development and purchase of raw materials, through production, storage and distribution, to sales, delivery and usage.

Health, Environment and Safety

Health, Environment and Safety

Yara adheres to stringent principles and regulations pertaining to health, environmental and safety, and puts safety first amongst its priorities, working continuously to prevent accidents